The Skin I’m In: 2022 Update

Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, Eczéma Québec

Atopic dermatitis (AD), also known as atopic eczema, is the most common and burdensome skin condition globally. Patients with AD suffer terrible itches and open sores due to chronic inflammation.

Extensive research has highlighted how significantly AD can impact the lives of patients and caregivers, impairing sleep, attention, concentration, and daily functions as simple as wearing clothes, all of which profoundly influence health-related quality of life and productivity. The burden of AD, which may affect up to 20% of Canadians, was explored in a 2018 survey by the Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, a not-for-profit patient organization formed to support Canadians impacted by skin, hair, and nail conditions. The resulting report illustrated the considerable effects of this condition on daily activities, as well as emotional and mental health. The survey findings also demonstrated that patients perceive a gap in the availability of safe and effective treatment options.

Based on these results, recommendations were made to key healthcare stakeholders, calling for the provision of funding for new treatments and the creation of services and support to address the mental health needs of individuals with AD and their caregivers.

Since that time, several new medications have been approved for use in Canada, including two biologics and two oral Janus kinase (JAK) inhibitors, for the treatment of moderate to severe AD. Given the evolution in the treatment landscape, CSPA collaborated with Eczéma Québec on a new survey to build on the previous body of work and further understand the current experiences of individuals with AD and their caregivers. Eczéma Québec is an evidence-based network of patients and healthcare providers that develop AD-related resources based on international best practices and is affiliated with the internationally accredited McGill University Health Center, Center of Excellence for Atopic Dermatitis.


The Skin I’m In: 2022 Update – Short

Canadian Skin Patient Alliance, Eczéma Québec


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