Atopic dermatitis is not only the most common but also the most burdensome skin disorder worldwide, affecting 5-10% of adults in developed countries. For both patients and their physicians, this disease can be very hard to manage. Atopic dermatitis has no diagnostic test, and is variable in its distribution, appearance, and time. That makes it unstable, unpredictable, and, for patients, unbearable. It’s also not ‘just a skin disease,’ with an increased occurrence of asthma, allergic rhinitis, and food allergies after the onset of AD (known as the ‘atopic march’), as well as comorbidities including depression and anxiety. The complexity of this disease is compounded by limitations on resources at points where patients typically access care, and a lack of time for bilateral knowledge exchanges during clinical encounters.

In order to begin addressing these limitations, the McGill University Hospital Network Center of Excellence for Atopic Dermatitis is proud to share its proprietary resources, which were developed by Dr. Carolyn Jack to help drive quality of care for adult patients with atopic dermatitis. These materials are free to use, and include a patient handout covering the basics of the disease, a guide to barrier care, and an intake form for Atopic Dermatitis patients.

Atopic Dermatitis patient handout (English)

Intake questionnaire for Atopic Dermatitis patients (English)

Barrier care tips patient handout (English)

If you plan to use these tools in your clinic, we request that you send us an email at to help us track impact. 

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